Tips to getting a better time-management to get some free time for yourself. This is a list how to do this.

Do you know that feeling of having no time? You think you have always less and less time, because you have the do more and more in the same time. You need the work, the kids, the family, friends, hobby's.... It brings a lot of stress with it and there is no time at all for you. Well that has to be changed. No more running out of time! Here are 10 tips to  get you better time-managed and regain your time.


1. Just make a list that you have to do off all sorts of things in a whole week.

2. Underline everything that you think is important.

3. Think about the things you simply can drop.

4. Begin with all the work that has to be done (just that what you underlined).

5. After doing all the underlined things, calculate the time you spent on it and how many time you have left.

6. Now take a break for yourself, take as long as you need, how shopping for fun or do a hobby or whatever you want to do but never did because you've got no time.

7. If you're done with all that, than just begin with what's is not important on your list, note: you don't have to hurry for these tasks because they were less important.

8. And if you have done that, you have more time over, just save it for the weekend, to take time for your kids and partner.

9. The first time you do this time-management, take note of the time you needed to do something en write it down next to it in the list. So you can use it later to plan you other weeks. You now enabled to know how long it will takes to do all your important works you have to do. Do this also for the less important things.

10. A last tip: do
n't lose time with stupid things if you have no time. Don't look TV al day for instance if you have lots of work to do. Watch TV after it, you will be able to enjoy it much more than when you have to think about what you all need to do after watching TV. So now you can be fully motivated work out your schedule.

I hope this worked for you to get more time. You’re actually made a time management dossier on 1 piece of paper. Do this every week, sometimes there are new important things you have to manage and add to your important-list. But you can also drop some things more that aren't very important any more. It's on you!

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